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"Umbra Sumus": An Exploration of Historic Linen Damask Weaving Practices and Techniques in Ireland




Centre International d'Etude des Textile Anciens (CIETA) General Assembly and Congress



Wawel Royal Castle, Krackow (2 October 2023)




"Circling Angels, Crowding in a Ring": Ireland's Supply of Linen Damask to the Hanoverian Court




Historic Royal Palaces symposium 'From Court to Couture'


Kensington Palace ( 5-6 September 2023)




"We Banquet with King William's Ghost": Protestant Appropriation of Linen Damask in Ireland




Textures and Emotions: Storytelling and Textiles 1st Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference 


Athens (8 & 9 July 2022)

 Effecting Gentility: the Self-fashioning of an Eighteenth-Century Provincial Irishman



Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society's Annual Conference


 University College Cork (7 & 8 June 2022)



Westminster All-Party Parliamentary Group on Craft



Presentation on the Critically Endangered craft of hand-loom linen damask weaving




 Temple-Bursts & Geergalls: Drawloom Weaving in an Irish linen Damask Manufactory 




Abegg-Stiftung's Historic Linen Damask Colloquium


 Switzerland (October 2021)





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